Secure Access Service Edge

Cloud-Based Security for Everyone 

AGT Networks Secure Access Service Edge is the next generation of security, a full-stack solution that replaces traditional hardware or software security with cloud-based services.

SASE Benefits

Reduce Cost & Complexity 

Protect your business and your employees from cyberattacks, data/identity theft, phishing attempts, malware, and more. 

Protect your Business

Provide a protective shield around your business in your network, on your devices, and in the cloud.

Ease of use and quick setup

Activates in minutes and eliminates the need for expensive firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and outdated security software tools. 

How does SASE work?

Services are managed and monitored on a dashboard-based front-end that brings centralized security control to the common user.

Impervious Firewall technology with AI-driven policy engine

Peer to peer encryption and powerful VPN technology to ensure connectivity and remote access

Connect Inspection and data loss prevention 

Zero-touch deployment and lifecycle management

Tamper-resistant, clone-proof network protection 

Digital-native companies that need to enforce consistent security policies across a decentralized workforce.

World-renowned universities collaborating on highly sensitive research projects with global partners.

Healthcare offices that have to meet strict compliance requirements for handling and transmitting personal data. 

Utility companies that need to secure power grids against potential cyberattacks.

Small businesses committed to protecting customer privacy and information.

Security services can be integrated into an existing security platform or deployed as a standalone security solution for end-to-end protection of data in motion. Zero-trust architecture delivers banking-grade security in a consumer-friendly solution that manages the lifecycle of security automatically. Its cloud-based pricing model makes security affordable and flexible for small businesses as well as large enterprises with dynamic security requirements. 

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