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AGT Networks offers the following Communications Services and Solutions 

Operations Support Systems (OSS) Suite  

Operations Support Systems (OSS) Suite, focuses on optimizing telecommunications networks. The OSS Suite solution brings together the necessary components for the automation of processes related to planning, engineering, sales, and operation of their networks providing reduction of operating costs, improved management, and rapid fault location.

Core and Next Generation Intelligent Edge   

Communications solutions specifically designed to provide high security, availability, and service quality both on-premise and cloud-centric. Our portfolio combines Core and Intelligent Edge devices with centralized analytics, call control, intelligent routing, and management functionality to help service providers and  private  deliver high-quality business-critical communications services over public and private networks. Edge solutions are certified to work with Microsoft Teams. Included products: Session Border Controllers, Gateways, SIP Routers, Monitoring, and Analytics.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) 

AGT Networks and our Partners provide ubiquitous access to text, voice, video, screen sharing, and multi-media collaboration. Enterprises can deploy UC in their own network or in the cloud and acquire it as a service while leveraging their existing investments. Ranging from sophisticated mobile services to multi-media contact centers, Cloud UC Business delivers tools that improve user productivity and customer engagement. Our Cloud UC Business solution is built with the same proven infrastructure that drives millions of lines at service providers across the globe, whose elements are anchored in geographically redundant data centers, offering peace of mind that Cloud UC Business is ready for almost anything .

Network as a Service (NaaS) with Zero Trust Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)


AGT Networks and our Partners provide a Connectivity Solution that allows to spin up and manage an Overlay Internet Network using web-based orchestration tools and API’s. Key elements: Software-defined, Encrypted, Highly secure, Highly performant, Application specific, Scalable, Cost effective, Service provider agnostic. Overlay networking is a method of using software to create layers of network abstraction that can be used to run multiple separate, discrete virtualized network layers on top of a physical network, providing new applications or security benefits. One major benefit of the Overlays is that since they are abstracted above network infrastructure, they are completely service-provider agnostic. Zero Trust Networking and enhanced performance are innate to Cloud-Native Networking through application specific segmentation across a global cloud fabric.

Monitoring & Analytics 

These solutions provide CSPs with network and business visibility, in real time. AGT Networks’ know-how allows network operators to develop highly customized applications using multiple network and business data repositories.

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