Evolve from legacy to next-generation cloud architectures 

AGT Networks offers the following Cloud Services 

Cloud Migration & Integration Services   

A first step in capitalizing on the benefits of Cloud, either public, private or hybrid, is migrating systems, storage, and applications according to the strategy of the business. AGT Networks provides expertise in planning and service execution for a successful migration, ensuring business continuity and data security.

Multi-Cloud Managed Services  

In order to take full advantage and accelerate the benefits of multi-cloud environments, AGT Networks provides managed services to monitor, optimize and secure applications and workloads across multiple clouds, allowing IT organizations to better scale in a dynamic world.

Communications Solutions 

Cloud Communications systems, both for CSPs and Enterprises, were early beneficiaries of the digital transformation process. AGT Networks provides cloud-based solutions addressing Core, Intelligent Edge, Access and Transport networks, as well as cloud-native communications applications supporting planning, operation, optimization and automation of voice and data services.  

Cloud-based Security Solutions

Digital transformation has enabled new cloud-based architectures and services, that when combined with disruptive technologies such as AI/ML, have increased cybersecurity concerns across the globe. AGT Networks provides best-of-breed solutions and managed services to monitor, protect and proactively secure IT, OT, and IoT systems.

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