Security Operation Center as a Service 

Streamline the security process, increases efficiency, & reduces costs
when compared to aging cybersecurity methods. 

What is OSO?

Optimized Security Observation (OSO) is AGT Networks Security Operation Center as a Service (SOCaaS)  that empowers companies to create and maintain a data security program.  OSO is powered by Overwatch’s Open Extended Detection and Response (Open XDR) platform. Open  XDR has redefined threat detection and response.

OSO relies on 3

well-known core

security elements


Comprehensive Cybersecurity Simplified 

Oso offers organizations an affordable subscription model with these key features:

Sensors and Agents Capture data from multiple sources

Advanced machine-learning algorithms weed out false alarms 

High-fidelity threats are handled automatically 

Our analysts proactively inspect for threats 

OSO Delivers end-to-end Protection  

OSO offers both the people and the technology necessary to provide signal plane visibility resulting in both reduced complexity and cost.


User Behavioral Analysis 

Active Directory Monitoring 

Advanced SIEM

Privileged Acess Management 


Encryption Blocking 

Mobile Security 

File Encryption 

USB Restriction 

Malware Protection 

Managed Endpoints


Compliance Reports

DNS Security

AVS External Scans

Intrusion Detection (IDS)


Patch Management

Encrypted Log Storage 

Threat Automation 

Asset Discovery 

Internal Vulnerability Scan 


Content Filtering 

Security Awareness Training 

Office or G-Suite Security 

OSO is powered by the industry-first  Open Extended Detection & Response (Open XDR) platform  which fundamentally redefines how threat detection and response are performed. It automatically collects, normalizes, and correlates all security data from multiple security products into a single platform. Advanced threat detection is performed using AI and automated correlation with high accuracy. Automation with contextual and actionable data makes threat hunting and investigation easier than ever. Automatic responses eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce threat response time.  

By integrating with existing security products OSO eliminates tool costs by natively supporting most of its security tools. The addition of intuitive consoles allows for security operations to run efficiently and cost-effectively. Our team of security experts monitors your network 24/7, alerting you to threats, and guiding you through the remediation process. 

What is OSO XDR? 

OSO XDR is an open security platform that allows you to easily visualize, detect, correlate, investigate and respond to attacks in real time across your entire network.

OSO combines the elements of the following security tools: Security information and event management (SIEM), Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), Endpoint detection and response (EDR), Network detection and response (NDR), User and entity behavioral analysis (UEBA), Threat Intelligence platform (TIP) in a cloud-native platform. 

Security teams are facing a complex digital landscape, are often overextended and severely lacking adequate resources. Security threats are constantly evolving and developing malicious and ingenious techniques. OSO helps you stay ahead with our advanced observation systems and response specialists 

OSO unites your security platform profile and allows you to visualize your network security. OSO operates efficiently delivering fast detection, investigation, and enables our security analysts to quickly hunt down and kill threats. 

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