Network Detection & Response as a Service

Intercept fast-moving attacks with surgical precision

Networks Detection and Response as a Service (NDRaaS) is AGT Networks leading autonomous cyber defense platform. Powered by a cyber-AI feature that protects your workforce and data from sophisticated attackers. NDRaaS works diligently detecting, investigating, and responding to cyber-threats in real-time.

Complete Visibility

Automatically discovers and classifies every device communicating across the network. Real-time and out-of-band decryption enable security teams to see hidden attackers and crucial transaction details without compromising compliance or privacy.

Real-time Detection

Automatically identifies critical assets and compares peer groups to deliver high-fidelity detections, correlated with risk scores and threat intel so you can prioritize your efforts and respond with confidence. 

Intelligent Response

Instantly takes you from the security event to the associated packet. This eliminates the need to manually collect and parse data. Instant answers enable immediate confident responses. Integration with existing security tools will enable you to act when a threat arises.

NDRaaS provides Cloud-Native Network Detection & Response that provides the scale, speed, and visibility required by enterprise security teams to detect and respond to threats. NDRaaS filters out the noise of increasingly complex hybrid network architectures, containerized applications, and the cloud.

Powered by core AI technology that leverages a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning in a unified platform, powering autonomous cyber threat detection, investigation, and response.

NDRaaS is a self-learning solution, it does not rely on static rules or historical attack data, instead it develops a continually evolving understanding of ‘normal’ for your dynamic workforce and diverse digital infrastructure.

NDRaaS provides unified protection across cloud, SaaS, and email platforms, as well as IoT, endpoints, and cyber-physical systems.

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